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OregonFIRST Robotics

The FIRST Robotics Competition is an international high school robotics competition organized by FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology). Each year, teams of high school students compete to build robots weighing up to 120 pounds (54 kg), not including battery and bumpers, that can complete a task, which changes every year. While teams are given a standard set of parts, they are also allowed a budget and encouraged to buy or make specialized parts as long as they conform to FIRST safety rules. Game details are revealed at the beginning of January and the teams are given six weeks to construct a competitive robot, that can operate autonomously as well as when guided by wireless controls, to accomplish the game’s tasks.

See oregonfirst.org

Kingdom Kernels Kettle Corn Co.

Kingdom Kernels Kettle Corn Co. is an open-air, on site kettle corn company located in Lower Waterford, Vermont. We specialize in popping kettle corn for the pure enjoyment and entertainment of the consumer. Our area venues include farmer’s markets, fairs, festivals, fundraisers, and athletic events within a 100-mile radius of Lower Waterford, Vermont. Kingdom Kernels Kettle Corn Co. is primarily a seasonal business, operating annually from March – November. We do participate in many indoor winter events as well by popping off-site.

See www.kingdomkernelskettlecorn.com

Hispanics for Christ

Hispanics for Christ is a 501(c)(3) ministry focused on planting Hispanic churches. We provide vision casting, strategic planning and coaching for church planters in the Americas. We currently have church planters in the United States, Mexico, Paraguay and Argentina, and are currently initiating new works in the U.S., Mexico, and El Salvador.

See www.hispanicsforchrist.org

Dinner and a Movie

Dinner & A Movie is a public benefit 501(c)(3) non-profit working with homeless youth. We serve them without preference to race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability or creed. Our passion is to help these youth change their negative core beliefs through mentoring. Dinner & A Movie believes that an individual’s core beliefs will impact their feelings, actions, and ability to change.

See www.dinnerandamoviepdx.com